V120:Duo and Trio Setup

Software Installation

  1. Download the Motive 3.1 software installer from the Motive Download Page to each host PC.

  2. Run the installer and follow its prompts.

Each V120:Duo and V120:Trio includes a free license to Motive:Tracker for one device. No software license activation or security key is required.

To use multiple V120 devices, connect each one to a separate host PC with Motive installed.

Connect the Hardware

Please see the Host PC Requirements section of the Installation and Activation page for computer specifications.

Components Provided in the Box

  • V120 Duo or Trio device

  • I/O-X (breakout box)

  • Power adapter and cord

  • Camera bar cable (attached to I/O-X)

  • USB Uplink cable


  1. Mount the camera bar in the designated location.

  2. Connect the Camera Bar Cable to the back of the camera and to the I/O-X device, as shown in the diagram above.

  3. Connect the I/O-X device to the PC using the USB uplink cable.

  4. Connect the power cable to the I/O-X device and plug it into a power source.

Make sure the power is disconnected from the I/O-X (breakout box) before plugging or unplugging the Camera Bar Cable. Hot-plugging this cable may damage the device.

Sync Out

The V120 cameras use a preset frequency for timing and can run at 25 Hz, 50 Hz or 100 Hz. To synchronize other devices with the Duo or Trio, use a BNC cable to connect an input port on the receiving device to the Sync Out port on the I/O-X device.

Output Options

Output options are set in the Properties pane. Select T-Bar Sync in the Devices pane to change output options:

  • Exposure Time: Sends a high signal based on when the camera exposes.

  • Passthrough: Sync In signal is passed through to the output port.

  • Recording Gate: Low electrical signal (0V) when not recording and a high (3.3V) signal when recording is in progress.

  • Gated Exposure Time: ends a high signal based on when the camera exposes, only while recording is in progress.

Sync In

Timing signals from other devices can be attached to the V120 using the I/O-X device's Sync In port and a BNC cable. However, this port does not allow you to change the rate of the device reliably. The only functionality that may work is passing the data through to the output port.

The Sync In port cannot be used to change the camera's frequency reliably.

Run Motive

  • The V120 ships with a free license for Motive:Tracker installed.

  • The camera is pre-calibrated and no wanding is required. The user can set the ground plane.

  • The V120 runs in Precision, Grayscale, and MJPEG modes. Object mode is not available.

Status LEDs

LED lights on the back of the V120 indicate the device's status.

Left LED Lights



Device is off.


Device is on.


Device is recognized by Motive.

Right LED Lights



Tracking/video is not enabled.

Solid Red

Configured for External-Sync: Sync Not Detected

Flashing Red

Configured for Default, Free Run Mode,

or External-Sync: Sync Detected

Solid Green

Configured for Internal-Sync: Sync Missing

Flashing Green

Configured for Internal-Sync: Sync Present

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