Prime Color Camera Setup: Camera Settings

An overview of properties unique to the Prime Color Camera series.


  • Listed in their own category in the Devices pane, Prime Color Cameras are configured in the same manner as other OptiTrack tracking cameras.

  • Select a camera in the Devices pane to view its Properties in the Properties pane.

  • For an overview of settings applicable to all OptiTrack cameras, please see the page Properties Pane: Camera.

Color Camera Properties


Default: 1920 x 1080

This property sets the resolution of the images captured by the selected camera.

You may need to reduce the maximum frame rate to accommodate the additional data produced by recording at higher resolutions. The table below shows the maximum allowed frame rates for each respective resolution setting.

ResolutionMax Frame rate

960 x 540 (540p)

500 FPS

1280 x 720 (720p)

360 FPS

1920 x 1080 (1080p)

250 FPS

Compression Mode

Default: Constant Bit Rate.

This property determines how much the captured images will be compressed.

Constant Bit-Rate

In the Constant Bit-Rate mode, Prime Color cameras vary the degree of image compression to match the data transmission rate given under the Bit Rate settings. At a higher bit-rate setting, the captured image will be compressed less. At a lower bit-rate setting, the captured image will be compressed more to meet the given data transfer rate. Compression artifacts may be introduced if it is set too low.

The Constant Bit-Rate mode is used by default and is recommended because it is easier to control the data transfer rate and efficiently utilizes the available network bandwidth.

Variable Bit-Rate

The Variable Bit-Rate setting keeps the amount of the compression constant and allows the data transfer rate to vary. This mode is beneficial when capturing images with objects that have detailed textures because it keeps the amount of compression consistent on all frames. However, this mode may also cause dropped frames if the camera needs to compress highly detailed images, spiking the data transfer rate, which may overflow the network bandwidth as a result. For this reason, we recommend using the Constant Bit-Rate setting in most applications.


The compression property sets the percentage (100%) of the maximum data transmission speed to allocate for the camera.


Default: 30 MB/s

Available only while using Constant Bit-rate Mode

The bit-rate setting determines the selected color camera's output transmission rate.

The maximum data transmission speed that a Prime color camera can output is 100 megabytes per second (MB/s). At this setting, the camera will capture the best quality image, however, it could overload the network if there isn't enough bandwidth to handle the transmitted data.

Since the bit-rate controls the rate of data each color camera outputs, this is one of the most important settings to adjust when configuring the system.

When a system is experiencing 2D frame drops, one of the following system requirements is not being met:

  • Network bandwidth

  • CPU processing speed

  • RAM/disk memory

Decreasing the bit-rate in such cases may slow the data transmission speed of the color camera enough to resolve the problem.

Bit Rate and Image Quality

While the image quality increases at a higher bit-rate setting, this also results in larger file sizes and possible frame drops due to data bandwidth bottlenecks. The desired result may differ depending on the capture application and its intended use. The below graph illustrates how the image quality varies depending on the camera frame rate and bit-rate settings.

Tip: Monitoring data output from each camera


Default : 28

Gamma correction is a non-linear amplification of the output image. The gamma setting will adjust the brightness of dark pixels, midtone pixels, and bright pixels differently, affecting both brightness and contrast of the image. Depending on the capture environment, especially with a dark background, you may need to adjust the gamma setting to get best quality images.


Default: Off

When using the eStrobes to light the capture volume, the LED setting must be enabled on the Prime Color cameras to which the eStrobes are connected. Once enabled, the Prime Color camera will output the signals from its RCA sync output port, allowing the eStrobes to receive this signal and illuminate the LEDs.

Color Camera Presets

Presets for Color Cameras use standard settings to optimize for different outcomes based on file size and image quality. Calibration mode sets the appropriate video mode for the camera type in addition to other setting changes.

The optimal Bit Rate for each preset is calculated based on the master camera frame rate when the preset is selected. Lower bit rates result in smaller file sizes. Higher bit rates produce higher quality captures and result in larger file sizes.

  • Small Size - Lower Rate

    • Video Mode: Color Video

    • Rate Multiplier: 1/4 (or closest possible)

    • Exposure: 20000 (or max)

    • Bit Rate: [calculated]

  • Small Size - Full Rate

    • Video Mode: Color Video

    • Rate Multiplier: x1

    • Exposure: 20000 (or max)

    • Bit Rate: [calculated]

  • Great Image

    • Video Mode: Color Video

    • Rate Multiplier: x1

    • Exposure: 20000 (or max)

    • Bit Rate: [calculated]

  • Calibration Mode

    • Video Mode:

      • FS Series: Object Mode

      • Non-FS Series: Color Object Mode

    • Rate Multiplier: x1

    • Exposure: 250

    • Bit Rate: N/A

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