Troubleshooting Q&A

Hardware: Cabling and Wiring

Q: Can USB and Ethernet Cameras be used in a same system?

Ethernet System

Q: Cameras are not detected in Motive

External Device Sync

Q: Peripheral Device - Motive crashes at its launch

Software: Data Streaming

Q: Data is not streamed


Q: Connected NI-DAQ device is not detected in Motive
Q: When installing the device NI-DAQmx driver, I get to a screen that indicates no changes will be made and I can't proceed.
Q: I can't change the multiplier for my DAQ from the Devices pane in Motive.
Q: Motive warns that the sampling rate is too high for my device.
Q: The analog input value does not appear to be correct.
Q: In the Device pane, I can't enable my device when checking the box next to it.
Q: No really, my analog input is incorrect.
Q: Voltages from one channel seem to affect another channel.