Properties Pane

An overview of common features available in the Properties Pane.


The Properties pane is used to view and modify properties associated with Takes, assets, and devices that determine how the corresponding items are displayed and tracked. Properties can be modified both in Live and Edit mode. Default creation properties are listed under the Application Settings.

This page covers features and functions common to the Property pane regardless of what is selected. For a detailed description of each property, please see the following pages:

When a single Take, asset, or device is selected, the Properties pane displays properties specific to the selection. See image at left, below.

Changes made in the Properties pane are applied to all selected objects.

Pane Options

Lock Selection

Click the lock icon to lock the display to the currently selected item. The pane will continue to display those properties until the lock is removed, regardless of what is selected in the 3D Viewport or the Assets pane. When unlocked (the default position), the pane updates to reflect the current active selection.

Show Advanced

Edit Advanced

Checked items will appear in the Standard view while unchecked items will only be visible when Show Advanced is selected.

Reset All

This option removes all customizations made to the properties of the selected asset. Use with caution.

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