An introduction to the Applications Settings panel.


Use the Application Settings panel to customize Motive and set default values. This includes camera system setting, data pipeline settings, streaming settings, and hotkeys and shortcuts. Please see the following pages for descriptions of the settings on each tab:
The Settings panel can be opened from the View tab or by clicking the
Toolbar AppSettings 20.png
icon on the main toolbar.
Application settings panel in Motive.

Advanced Settings

Show Advanced

Advanced settings are hidden by default. To access, click the
button in the top-right corner of the panel and select Show Advanced.

Edit Advanced

Customize the Standard view to show the settings that you frequently adjust during your capture applications. Click the
button on the top-right corner of the pane and select Edit Advanced.
Checked items will appear in the Standard view while unchecked items will only be visible when Show Advanced is selected. Click Done Editing to exit and save your changes when you've made your selections.
Show or Edit Advanced Settings.

Reset Settings

To restore all settings to their default values, select Reset Settings from the Edit menu.
The Edit Menu in Motive.