What's New in Motive 3.1

Some of the new features in Motive 3.1

Camera Highlights

Full support for PrimeX 120 Cameras. OptiTrack's longest range, highest resolution camera provides maximum accuracy for huge tracking volumes for a wider variety of training and simulation scenarios, extreme ground or aerial robotic facilities, larger cinematic virtual production studios, and more.

Please see the PrimeX 120 in Depth on the OptiTrack website for details.

New Camera features, including:

USB Cameras

USB cameras, including Flex series, tracking bars, and Slim3U, are now supported in 3.1.x versions.

Continuous Calibration Bumped Camera Settings

As part of the Continuous Calibration settings, the Bumped Camera feature corrects a camera's position in Motive if it is physically bumped in the real 3D space.

See Continuous Calibration (Info Pane) for more information.

Asset Highlights

Support for IMU Pucks

CinePucks and other active IMU pucks are now fully supported in 3.1.x versions. Learn how to fuse the IMU sensor to the puck's rigid body in the IMU Sensor Fusion chapter.

BaseStations and active pucks are now listed in the Devices pane. Select a BaseStation to display its properties. Select an Active Tag device to view and change its properties. See Active Marker Tracking for more details.

Trained Markersets

Create Assets from any object that is not a Rigid Body or a pre-defined Skeleton. This allows you to track anything from a jump rope, to a dog, to a flag, and anything in between. Follow the steps in the Trained Markersets chapter for more information.

New tools on the Builder Pane allow you to align the pivot of a rigid body with a geometry offset, a second rigid body, or the location of a camera. Check out the Builder Pane page to learn how.

6 Rigid Body Skeletons are back!

Find all of our Rigid Body skeleton markersets in the Virtual Reality templates.

Other Highlights

Motive 3.1 provides an array of improvements across the board. Additional graphs, a redesigned Log Pane, and enhancements to the Viewport are just a few of the many changes you'll find in this latest release.

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