Skeleton Display Properties

A list of the default Skeleton display properties for newly created skeletons is listed under the Skeletons tab. These properties are applied to only skeleton assets that are newly created after the properties have been modified. For descriptions of the skeleton properties, please read through the Properties: Skeleton page.

Note that this is the default creation properties. Asset-specific skeleton properties are modified directly from the Properties pane.

Advanced Properties

Skeleton Creation Pose

Chooses which Skeleton calibration pose to be used for creation. (T-pose, A-pose Palms Downward, A-pose Palms Forward, and A-pose Elbows Bent)

Head Upright

Creates the skeleton with heads upright irrespective of head marker locations.

Straight Arms

Creates the skeleton with arms straight even when arm markers are not straight.

Straight Legs

Creates the skeleton with straight knee joints even when leg markers are not straight.

Feet On Floor

Creates the skeleton with feet planted on the ground level.

Height Marker

Force the solver so that the height of the created skeleton aligns with the top head marker.

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