Assets Pane


Assets (Current Take)

A list of all assets associated with the take is displayed in the Assets pane. Here, view the assets and you can right click on an asset to export, remove, or rename selected asset from the current take.

You can also enable or disable assets by checking or unchecking, the box next to each asset. Only enabled assets will be visible in the 3D viewport and used by the auto-labeler to label the markers associated with respective assets.

Context Menu Options

All Assets

Export Rigid Body / Export Skeleton

Exports selected rigid body into Motive trackable files (TRA). Exports selected skeleton into either Motive skeleton file (SKL) or a FBX file.

Remove Asset

Removes the selected asset from a project.

Rename Asset

Renames the selected asset.

For Skeleton Assets

Export Markers

Exports skeleton marker template XML file. Exported XML files can be modified and imported again using the Rename Markers or when creating the skeleton in the Skeleton pane.

Rename Markers

Imports skeleton marker template XML file onto the selected asset. If you wish to apply the imported XML for labeling, all of the skeleton markers need to be unlabeled and auto-labeled again.

Update Markers

Imports the default skeleton marker template XML files. This feature can be used to update skeleton assets that are created before Motive 1.10 to include marker colors and sticks.

Recalibrate From Markers

Re-calibrates an existing skeleton. This feature is essentially same as re-creating a skeleton using the same skeleton Marker Set. See Skeleton Tracking page for more information on using the skeleton template XML files.

For Marker Sets

Generate Markers

This option colors the labeled markers and creates marker sticks that inter-connects between each of consecutive labels. More specifically, this will modify the marker XML file. It adds values to the color attributes and generates Marker Stick elements so that users can export the markers and easily modify the colors and sticks as needed. For more information: Marker XML Files.

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