NatNet: RebroadcastMotiveData Sample

Rebroadcast Motive Data sample. This is a sample NatNet application that receives tracking data from a NatNet Server (Motive) and redistributes it in other formats.

Currently, there are two supported protocols in this sample; Unity and LightCraft. The Unity protocol repackages mocap data into XML packets and delivers it to the unity game engine. The LightCraft protocol takes definitions for a single Rigid Body and sends them over a serial port in a format called the Spydercam protocol. The LightCraft protocol in addition to being a demonstration of serial port communication, it allows Motive and Previzion to be completely compatible, using Mocap data to track the Previzion camera.

Unity Protocol

Rebroadcasts data into a XML format compatible for unity.

Previzion Protocol

Rebroadcasts data via Spyder Cam protocol which


The following third-party library must be linked in order to build and run this sample application

  • Asio library ( : Required for communicating tracking data through serial port communication.


  • Download the asio C++ library.

  • In the RebroadcastMotiveData VS project, link the downloaded library.

  • Build the sample project.

Running the Sample

You can run the app from the command line with appropriate input arguments. For example: RebroadcastMotiveData.exe unity There are total four arguments that can be inputed when running the sample application.

  • argument 1: IP address of the server, Motive, machine

  • argument 2: When streaming to unity, input the IP address of the local machine. When streaming to the lightcraft protocol, input local serial port name (e.g. COM1)

  • argument 3: Protocol type [unity/lightcraft]

  • argument 4 (optional): Input test, to run in the test mode.

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