Class: cCameraGroupMarkerSizeSettings

This class contains size properties of reconstructed 3D markers. The size of reconstructed marker is defined by its diameter (in mm), and an instance of this class can be assigned to a camera group. Use the TT_CameraGroupMarkerSize and TT_SetCameraGroupMarkerSize Motive API functions for obtaining and assigning an instance of this class.

  • MarkerSizeCalculated: This marker size type will calculate suitable diameter of a marker to be displayed.

  • MarkerSizeFixed: This marker size type will override calculated diameter and assign a set diameter.

  • MarkerSizeCount: Returns number of marker size types.

Declaration: cCameraGroupMarkerSizeSettings

class TTAPI cCameraGroupMarkerSizeSettings

    enum eMarkerSizeType

    eMarkerSizeType  MarkerSizeType;
    float            MarkerSize;

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