Class: cCameraGroupFilterSettings

The cCameraGroupFilterSettings class determines 2D object filter settings for a camera group, which consists of multiple cameras.

  • FilterNone will not use any filters.

  • FilterSizeRoundness distinguishes marker reflections by the marker size and circularity of the reflection. More specifically, it looks at the number of pixels seen by the imager (MinMarkerSize and MaxMarkerSize) as well as the symmetry ratio of the shape of reflections (MinRoundness).

  • Use TT_CameraGroupFilterSettings and TT_SetCameraGroupFilterSettings functions to obtain the existing filter settings and to apply an instance to a camera group.

For explanations on this filter in Motive, read through the Reconstruction and 2D Mode page.

Declaration: NPTrackingTools.h

class TTAPI cCameraGroupFilterSettings

    enum eFilterType

    eFilterType  FilterType;
    int          MinMarkerSize;
    int          MaxMarkerSize;
    float        MinRoundness;

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