Calibration Squares

During Calibration process, a calibration square is used to define global coordinate axes as well as the ground plane for the capture volume. Each calibration square has different vertical offset value. When defining the ground plane, Motive will recognize the square and ask user whether to change the value to the matching offset.

When creating a custom ground plane, you can use Motive to help you move the markers to create approximately 90 degree between the 3 markers. This is of course contingent on how good your calibration is, however, this will still give you a fairly accurate starting point when setting your ground plane.

Coordinate System (Motive 1.7+)

For Motive 1.7 or higher, Right-Handed Coordinate System is used as the standard, across internal and exported formats and data streams. As a result, Motive 1.7 now interprets the L-Frame differently than previous releases:

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