Settings: Mouse and Keyboard


Customizing Mouse Actions

The Mouse tab under the application settings is where you can check and customize the mouse actions to navigate and control in Motive.

Basic Controls

The following table shows the most basic mouse actions:

FunctionDefault Control

Rotate view

Right + Drag

Pan view

Middle (wheel) click + drag

Zoom in/out

Mouse Wheel

Select in View

Left mouse click

Toggle Selection in View

CTRL + left mouse click

Preset Profile

You can also pick a preset mouse action profiles to use. The presets can be accessed from the below drop-down menu. You can choose from the provided presets, or save out your current configuration into a new profile to use it later.


Customizing Hotkeys

The Keyboard tab under the application settings allows you to assign specific hotkey actions to make Motive easier to use. List of default key actions can be found in the following page also: Motive Hotkeys

Hotkey Profiles

Configured hotkeys can be saved into preset profiles to be used on a different computer or to be imported later when needed. Hotkey presets can be imported or loaded from the drop-down menu:

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