NETGEAR ProSafe GSM7228S: Disabling the Broadcast Storm Control

When enabled, the Broadcast Storm Control feature on the NETGEAR ProSafe GSM7228S may interfere with the synchronization mechanism used by OptiTrack Ethernet cameras. For proper system operations, the Strom Control features must be disabled for all of the ports used in this aggregator switch.


Step 1. Access the IPv4 settings on the network card that the camera network is connected to.

  • On windows, open the Network and Sharing Center and access Change adaptor settings.

  • Right-click on the adapter that the network switch is connected to and access its properties.

  • Among the list of items, select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and access its properties by clicking the Properties button.

Step 2. Make a note of the IP address settings for the network card connected to the switch.

Step 3. Change the IP address of the network card connected to the switch to As shown below.

Step 4. Open windows explorer, and access

Step 5. Log into the switch with Username 'admin', and leave Password blank

Step 6. Navigate to Security->Traffic Control->Storm Control->Storm Control Global Configuration

Step 7. Ensure that all storm control options are disabled

Step 8. Navigate to Maintenance->Save Config->Save Configuration

Step 9. Check the 'Save Configuration' check box

Step 10. Log out of the switch, or just close the browser window

Step 11. Restore the IP address settings noted in Step 2 for the network card connected to the switch

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