Authenticating Cameras Without an Internet Connection

Motive 3.0.2 Update:

Following the Motive 3.0.2 release, an internet connection is no longer required for initial use of Motive. If you are currently using Motive 3.0.1 or older, please install this new release from our Software webpage. Please note that an internet connection is still required to download Motive.exe from the OptiTrack website.


For some particular setups, you may have a computer that will not have access to the Internet. In this case, there is a workaround to get your computer that is intended for the camera network up and running.

Although this isn't a perfect workaround, it can still help keep your machine isolated from anything other than a camera network.

Authenticating on a Different Computer

Luckily, cameras will only ever need to be authenticated to your Security Key once. So if you're able, you can authenticate cameras on a separate machine that is able to access the Internet.

You will also need to create a License .dat file on this machine that you can transfer to your other computer via a USB thumb drive along with a version of Motive installer.

Once you have opened Motive, created the license, and authenticated cameras on your separate computer, you can begin to move everything over to your intended computer.

This includes:

  • Security Key

  • License .dat File

  • Motive 3.x installer (can be downloaded from our website here)

  • Connecting your uplink switch cable to the intended computer for use

After all of the above has been moved over to the intended machine, you should be able to use your camera network and Motive without issue.

If you're having issues with the above workaround, please reach out to our Support team.

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