NatNet: Migration to NatNet 3.0 libraries

This page is created to guide help users migrating their NatNet projects onto NatNet 3.0 libraries.

Statically Linked Libraries

NatNet 3.0 no longer allows static linking of the libraries. If a NatNet project was utilizing NatNetLibStatic.lib to accomplish static linking, you will need to make changes to the project configurations, so that it links dynamically instead.

This is only an example. Required configuration changes may be different depending on how the projects were setup.

Visual Studio Example

  • Project Settings → Configuration Properties → C/C++ → Preprocessor Definitions: Add "NATNATLIB_IMPORTS"

  • Project Settings → Configuration Properties → Linker → Input → Additional Dependencies: Change "NatNetLibStatic.lib" to "NatNetLib.lib"

  • Project Settings → Configuration Properties → Linker → General: Make sure the additional library directories includes the directory where the library files are locate.

Rigid Body Marker Data

In NatNet 3.0, the structure of Rigid Body descriptions and Rigid Body frame data has been slightly modified. The sRigidBodyData:Markers member has been removed, and instead, the Rigid Body description (sRigidBodyDescription) now includes the expected Rigid Body marker positions in respect to the corresponding RB orientation axis.

Per-frame positions of Rigid Body markers have to be derived using the Rigid Body tracking data and the expected Rigid Body markers positions included in the description packet.

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